Diamond G Red Angus
Mark Garges
Cameron, MO 64429
Cell: 816-248-6275
Diamond G was started 30 years ago with 20 acres and a hobby and has
grown to 400 acres and over 100 cow calf pairs of spring and fall producing
cattle and a committment. Diamond G over the last 15 years has made a
committment to Red Angus. We have found the Red Angus breed to be
one of the most exciting and committed groups to developing herd
productivity. We take pride in the development in our herd. It is alot like
good bar b que slow and consistent in this case develops the best
product. While we are presently more of a commercial herd we are
involved in the Red Angus age source verification program for CAB. Our
exposure to the Registered world is steadily increasing by the development
of young heifers and bulls for anyone wanting to be involved in the Red Angus breed.
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